Rachinger Gallery

Eastern Hub Community Centre is home to Rachinger Gallery which features a changing series of exhibitions by local artists, groups, schools and artists living with disability.

We have three shows coming up before the end of the year including the first group exhibition by genU arts practitioners (see flyer for TIP OF THE ICEBERG) and a show (titled THE END) for International Day of People with Disability. THE END is in the program for Greater Geelong and Barwon Region.

More information about the Rachinger Gallery

  • Gallery use is free. Commission on sales is 10%.
  • Gallery hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat.
  • Work for hanging to be fitted with D-rings each side.
  • Gallery Slimline System is used for hanging work.
  • Exhibition openings can be arranged. Staff member with RSA must be present if alcohol served.
  • Exhibitors provide invitations and artist(s) statement.
  • Promotion is by email, Facebook and e-newsletter plus listing in Arts Atlas.
  • Eastern Hub manages sales. Exhibitors are paid at exhibition end. ABN/ATO Statement required with invoice.
  • Unsold work to be collected by agreed date.

For enquiries, please call 5249 6128 or email susan.hartigan@genu.org.au

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